Monday, November 10, 2014

New Book Series: Advanced Medicinal Chemistry

This book series is planned to have nine volumes on high-level research and information on medicinal chemistry. The books will have interdisciplinary appeal and will be of value in the fields of pharmacology, biopharmaceuticals, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, and other fields.

Planned and Proposed Books in the Series:

• Principles of Drug Discovery

• Principles and Applications of Medicinal Chemistry

• Drugs Acting on the Central Nervous System

• Drugs Acting on the Cardiovascular System

• Autocoids and Drugs Acting on the Respiratory System

• Drugs Acting on the Endocrine System

• Chemotherapeutic Agents

• Parasitology

• Miscellaneous Agents

Books in this series are intended to be high-level reference books, designed for industry professionals, academics, and researchers as well as for postgraduate and doctoral students in the interdisciplinary field of advanced medicinal chemistry. The editors of the individual volumes have extensive experience in their fields.

For information on how to contribute, please contact:

Series Editor: Dr. Sanjay K. Bharti



Assistant Series Editor: Debarshi Kar Mahapatra