Thursday, June 12, 2014

Newly Revised Classic - Restaurant Franchising - On The Menu This July

Dr. Mahmood A. Khan's classic is in production for a third edition. And we're getting great feedback!

"The newly revised 3rd edition is a classic book covering one of the most vibrant and vital sectors of the US economy. . . . The book is an excellent introduction, much more than a general academic treatment of the topic. . . . On behalf of the International Franchise Association, we are grateful to Dr. Khan for revising and bringing out a new edition of this classic book. It is a multi-purpose book, serving as classroom textbook, reference book, and business guidebook. We are delighted to recommend it on the menu for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating, fast-paced, and dynamic industry."

—Steve Caldeira, CFE, President and CEO, International Franchise Association

Interested in a examination copy for classroom adoption? Email us at Just let us know your name, title, university address, and phone number. Also, please provide the course title, current text in use, and the enrollment per semester.

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