Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Green Chemistry Review in CHOICE June 2014

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry - Fundamentals and Applications landed a review in this month's CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. Here's an excerpt:

“The importance of becoming a ‘green society’ is now well established within and outside the scientific community. . . . This book is suited to advanced chemistry majors and practitioners; it has numerous detailed illustrations of organic transformations and emphasizes specific green processes and techniques, and ways specific named reactions can be more ecofriendly. The topics range from well-established industrial methods (e.g., sonochemistry and microwave-assisted chemistry) but not yet commonly employed. Overall, this interesting read highlights the rapid progress of green chemistry.”
—P. G. Heiden, Michigan Technological University; in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, June 2014

Read more on the title Green Chemistry here:


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