Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Caitlin Gillian - Editor on Research for the Radiation Therapist - on working with AAP

Caitlin Gillian, one of the editors the on the title Research for the Radiation Therapist, shared her thoughts on working with Apple Academic Press.

“Working with Apple Academic Press was a rewarding and collaborative experience. Effort was made to truly understand what we hoped to accomplish in publishing our work, and the team was responsive and receptive to our queries, feedback, and revisions. The high quality of the final product and its success is a reflection on the quality of the partnership we experienced with AAP in realizing this project.”
—Caitlin Gillan, Asst Professor, University of Toronto
Research for the Radiation Therapist provides a tangible resource for radiation therapists around the country, and even internationally, to aid them in their research and academic pursuits, helping them to navigate the unfamiliar world of research.

The title has also reviewed very well with members of the Radiation Therapy profession. Dr. Rachel Harris, Professional Officer for Research with The Society and College of Radiographers, had this to say about the title:

“An important textbook for the profession. It is essential that we are undertaking evidence-based patient care, and this book is a much-needed resource for radiation therapists, aiding them to have the confidence and skills to undertake and participate in research projects. It is full of debate, case studies, and some really useful practical tips on how to achieve research in the clinical setting. This should be required reading for the whole profession.”—Dr. Rachel Harris, Professional Officer for Research, The Society and College of Radiographers, London, United Kingdom

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