Thursday, June 5, 2014

Call for Chapters on Topics in Bioenergy

From editor R. N. Krishnaraj, PhD
Scientific Officer, National Institute of Technology 


The editor of a forthcoming book on “Bioenergy: Opportunities and Challenges” is pleased to invite you and members of your research group to submit an article/chapter for this book, to be published by Apple Academic Press, USA. 

There is no limitation on the topics as long as they fall in the regime of bioenergy. Topics related to bioenergy include but are not limited to the technologies associated with: 1. Biodiesel 2. Bioethanol 3. Biogas 4. Microbial fuel cells 5. Enzymatic fuel cells 

Proposals related to the economics of any bioenergy systems, demand/market for bioenergy systems, reactor designs, etc., are also most welcome. 

The objective of the book “Bioenergy: Opportunities and Challenges“ is to offer engineers/technologists from different disciplines information to gain knowledge on the breadth and depth of this multifaceted field. The field of bioenergy is interdisciplinary. It requires knowledge of biologist, chemists, physicists, and engineers. There is urging need to explore/investigate the current shortcomings and challenges of the current bioenergy technologies. The book, in short, will explore and convey the key concepts on “factors hindering the real time application of these bioenergy sources.” 

Authors interested in this theme may submit a short proposal of their article by email: on or before June 10, 2014. The deadline for manuscript submission is the August 15, 2014. 


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